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26 species

AMPHIPODA (Sideswimmers)

ANTHOMYIIDAE (family) (Anthomyid flies)

Antipterna unnamed (Antipterna unnamed)

BOMBYLIINAE (Unidentified bombyliine bee fly)

BOMBYLIINAE Max Campbell, Yadboro

Corethropalpa unnamed (Corethropalpa unnamed)



Incurvariidae sp. (Incurvariidae sp.)

Mesochae-topterus minu-tus (Mesochae-topterus minu-tus)

Oscillatoria sp. (Cyanobacteria)

Owenia sp. (Owenia)

PHOLCIDAE (Daddy Long-legs Spiders)

Polyopes constrictus (Polyopes constrictus)

Prodelaca myodes (Prodelaca myodes)

Rachycentron (Black King Fish)

Scolioplecta comptana (Scolioplecta comptana)

Splachnidium rugosum (Splachnidium rugosum)

Spyridia dasyoides (Spyridia dasyoides)

Tolpia sp. (Tolpia)

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