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Tylopilus sp.

A Bolete at Moruya, NSW

Tylopilus sp. at Moruya, NSW - 23 Feb 2020
Tylopilus sp. at Moruya, NSW - 23 Feb 2020
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Identification history

Tylopilus sp. 25 Feb 2020 Pam
Unidentified 23 Feb 2020 LisaH

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Pam wrote:
   24 Feb 2020
What a great looking fungus! Did you notice if it had pores or gills? It looks to me like it may be a 'bolete' of some kind, though I need to know what sort of fertile surface it had to make a call on the id.
LisaH wrote:
   24 Feb 2020
Sorry Pam, I could not see underneath. I wondered if it was an immature version of sighting 4250700 - which had pores? There is no fertile area on that land - no top soil to speak of, but quite a bit of leaf litter, so maybe some humus? Hope that helps.
Pam wrote:
   25 Feb 2020
Well noted. I agree with you.

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 23 Feb 2020 07:36 AM Recorded on
  • LisaH Recorded by
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