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Calyptorhynchus lathami

Glossy Black-Cockatoo at Eden, NSW

Calyptorhynchus lathami at Eden, NSW - 5 Mar 2020
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Calyptorhynchus lathami 19 Mar 2020 Allan

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User's notes

These were red tailed black cockatoos. Not sure if the were the glossy ones. They seemed to be a bit smaller than the normal red tailed black cockatoos. They also behaved a bit differently, maybe more "flighty"?


   20 Mar 2020
Hi Allan, All the red-tailed cockies round here are glossies. True red-tailed black cockies occur out west and up north but not in coastal NSW. Glossies are smaller. Couldn't comment on flightiness but they certainly do tend to be hard to get a decent photo of, although sometimes they'll sit while you are close underneath.
Allan wrote:
   20 Mar 2020
Thanks Jackie, yes, used to live up north and the normal red tailed ones were what we got all the time - no yellow tailed ones! Incidentally just before the first rains after the fires we had around 40 (estimate) flying around and drinking out of our dam. I've never seen them sitting on the ground like that, only usually in flight or trees, and yes seem to indicate rain on the way.
   20 Mar 2020
Hmm, always a bit sceptical about the rain predicting ability of birds - they have to be somewhere when it isn't raining. But it does seem to be a persistent bit of bush "myth" so maybe there is something in it. We get biggish mobs of YTBCs here from time to time - no correlation with weather as far as I've noticed. Our stone pines and planted Hakeas bring them in. Back in our early days here it was the grubs in the black wattle trunks they were after, but now all the older ones of those have died and keeled over, and I've prevented another generation of wattles from proliferating, so the local cockies have to make do with seeds. We virtually never see glossies, as we have almost no casuarina on our place.
Allan wrote:
   20 Mar 2020
Yes, I have only seem a few of these before and not in big numbers. Also I read somewhere they were rare, which is why I thought it important to put the sighting in and why I thought they may have just been ordinary red ones. Quite a few casuarina around here. My wife has lost faith in the rain story after the drought...😂😂
   20 Mar 2020
Yep, glossies are listed as vulnerable in NSW, mostly due to the loss of trees with big hollows that they need for nesting. The black she-oak that is almost their only food (other casuarinas just a tad too) is common enough, and there are plenty of glossy records from some parts of the far south coast because of that. But yeah, keep the records coming. It helps to know where they hang out.

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  • Sensitive
  • Very Rare / Threatened
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 3 Abundance
  • 5 Mar 2020 06:39 PM Recorded on
  • Allan Recorded by
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