Michael Mulvaney reaches 40k expert ID confirmations

Posted by AaronClausen

 2 Feb 2024

Congratulations to NatureMapr co-founder Dr Michael Mulvaney for reaching 40,000 expert ID confirmations.

Absolutely incredible!

That is 40,000 occasions where Michael has been able to share his knowledge and expertise with someone in the community and where a record has been formally verified prior to being ingested as an official government biodiversity record.

Then there are the thousands of helpful and informative comments, recommendations and advice that Michael contributes on a daily basis.

Michael's leadership within the community has helped define our culture and has provided inspiration for how NatureMapr moderators go about their important and hugely valued work.

You are a legend Michael M!

(Only 20,000 ID's to go before Tapirlord catches up)


Teresa wrote:
   2 Feb 2024
Congratulations Michael, fantastic achievement. Teresa
HelenCross wrote:
   2 Feb 2024
Awesome work Michael!
AlisonMilton wrote:
   2 Feb 2024
Amazing! Such dedication is to be admired.
sangio7 wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
And especially valuable has been when Michael regularly goes back through old unknowns and is able to provide an ID for some of them as well as identifying the occasional posting that has been missed by moderators and providing an ID for those as well. Dedication indeed!
shube wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Thank you for using your knowledge, skill and patience to further our knowledge and support this valuable resource.
SRoss wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Congratulations Michael, thank you so much for all you do, everywhere, all the time. I am in awe and so appreciative.
mlech wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Absolute Legend. Thanks for helping us learn and for giving this citizen scientist platform scientific rigor!
MiaThurgate wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Michael you're a dead set legend! What an amazing achievement, 👏
BlackFlat wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
How do we as a nature loving community support this essential tool and the amazing people, like Michael, who made it possible for us as private land managers to identify and monitor our species.
Without Nature Mapr we are unsupported in our quest to increase biodiversity in an agricultural landscape.
Thank you Michael and team!!!
JaneR wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
its a really impressive achievement, Michael: a lot of time and generosity on your part, and infectious enthusiasm. NatureMapr wouldn't have been what it is without your impetus.
clec wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Michael - Congratulations. I really appreciate NatureMpr and your support
   3 Feb 2024
Thank you for giving so much to NatureMapr.
KylieWaldon wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Amazing Michael. Lucky they didn't give you a cake with 40,000 candles! You really inspired me early on to find out and learn more, when I didn't know a fly from a bee! Kylie :)
trevorpreston wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Congratulations Michael. An awesome contribution, an essential one in getting NatureMapr where it is today. Thanks for your long term contribution and dedication to this great project!
MattM wrote:
   3 Feb 2024
Congratulations Michael! Thanks for all your hard work. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!
   4 Feb 2024
Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments- I have really enjoyed learning from you all on the way and am very proud of what we have achieved together. We know so much more about our local wildlife through our collective action than I ever envisaged possible. We make a difference every day. Aaron has been and is amazing and has been heavily subsidising Naturemapr for years, not just in brain power but financially. Naturemapr would also not be what it is without the tireless testing and system support of Michael B. Together with the 11,000 that have contributed records we make a great team.
Harrisi wrote:
   5 Feb 2024
Priceless contribution! A true champion.
Fefifofum wrote:
   5 Feb 2024
Thank you Michael and the team. What an amazing resource you have created.
Span102 wrote:
   7 Feb 2024
Thank you so much to Michael and Aaron! Your dedication and generosity is something we as a community and also most importantly, nature as a whole benefits from. Thank you!
Ange wrote:
   7 Feb 2024
Great achievement Michael! NatureMap rules! :-)
michaelb wrote:
   8 Feb 2024
Congratulations Michael M. The 10 years have gone so quickly but have been very rewarding. I feel privileged to have been part of this massive creation. Your 40,000 sightings ID'd at 4000 per year is a good average. The numbers don't include all the background work that you have done to support NatureMapr which is immeasurable !

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