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Unidentified at suppressed - 5 Aug 2019
Unidentified at suppressed - 5 Aug 2019
Unidentified at suppressed - 5 Aug 2019
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Identification history

Thalia democratica ( a salp) 19 Aug 2019 Jennyncmg
Unidentified 5 Aug 2019 Steff

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User's notes

I found these little jelly things all along the tide line today. The bigger sized ones are about 2cm long, some are completely clear with sort of horns and some are clear with a blue part inside them. The smaller ones are about 5mm and have a blue part inside them, they are mostly round. What are they?


LizAllen wrote:
   6 Aug 2019
I have also seen them & am trying to find out what they are.Might be egg casing .
Jennyncmg wrote:
   7 Aug 2019
They are small salps but I don't know what species. An invasion of them occurred a few years ago, especially at Bermagui. Phylum Chordata, Class Thaliacea
LizAllen wrote:
   7 Aug 2019
Thanks Jenny ,we have loads at Tura ,I suggested salps to another beach walker so am pleased to come home & see your message !
Steff wrote:
   7 Aug 2019
Thanks Jenny! They are very interesting.
   19 Aug 2019
So can we add a family name to the marine vertebrates group that this sighting can be plugged into? Being Phylum Chordata, they are not invertebrates, despite appearances!

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  • 1,001 - 10,000 Abundance
  • 5 Aug 2019 03:09 PM Recorded on
  • Steff Recorded by

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