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Epilachna sumbana

A Leaf-eating Ladybird at Quaama, NSW

Epilachna sumbana at Quaama, NSW - 13 Jan 2012
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Identification history

Unidentified 14 Nov 2019 FionaG

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User's notes

28 spot lady beetle larvae


   17 Dec 2019
Do you recall which of your veges they were feeding on? The one that specialises in cucurbits (zucchini, cucumber, pumpkin etc) is identified at Epilachna sumbana on Canberra Nature Map. We had it on our cucs last season in large numbers. There's another species that goes more for Solanum family things.
FionaG wrote:
   17 Dec 2019
From memory it was either Zucchini or pumpkin.
   17 Dec 2019
In that case we can probably upgrade the ID to E. sumbana. I tried comparing your photo with ours but the angle was different so I couldn't be positive it was the same critter.
FionaG wrote:
   17 Dec 2019
Thanks Jackie

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Agaricus sp. (Agaricus) at Quaama, NSW - 17 Feb 2020 by FionaG
Agaricus sp. (Agaricus) at Quaama, NSW - 17 Feb 2020 by FionaG

Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 13 Jan 2012 03:40 PM Recorded on
  • FionaG Recorded by
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