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Unidentified at suppressed - 23 Aug 2020
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Identification history

Pseudechis porphyriacus 30 Aug 2020 PatrickCampbell
Cryptophis nigrescens 24 Aug 2020 Nivlek

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User's notes

Encountered whilst sunning itself in undergrowth, close to small drainage line and swampy ground, did not move during photography


   30 Aug 2020
Looks more like and more likely to be a Red-bellied Black Snake, due to habitat and the fact that it was basking in the sun. How long do you estimate it was?
Nivlek wrote:
   30 Aug 2020
I could not see any red on it’s lower scales, as is usual for Red Belly Black snakes, which is why I opted for the Cryptophis ID. The length is estimated to be around 1 metre.
   31 Aug 2020
The head shape with what appears to be a distinct cathus rostralis, is more like a Red Belly than a Small-eyed. The reason that you didn't see any red is because it may have been in pre-slough, as I can just barely make out what appears to be a milky eye. It also seems to be flattened out, which is more typical of a basking RBB. Image quality is such that a 100% positive ID is difficult. Perhaps a third opinion on this would be helpful.
Nivlek wrote:
   31 Aug 2020
Happy to be guided by your expertise on this ID.
   4 Sep 2020
Thanks Nivlek. I'm pretty sure that what it is.

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Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 23 Aug 2020 12:01 PM Recorded on
  • Nivlek Recorded by
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