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Missulena dipsaca

Mouse Spider

See Faulder, R.J. Records of the Western Australian Museum Suppl. No. 52: 73-78 (1995) for description. Shows typical Mouse Spider (family Actinopodidae) features of a steeply rising caput and very wide eye field. Distinguishing features of M. dipsaca include a cluster of narrow spines on the male rastellum, a structure adjacent to the top of the fangs, black caput and chelicerae, dorsal and lateral abdomen concolorous dark grey. Note that this species is not listed in Atlas of Living Australia at the present time.

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Paul Whitington, Wonboyn - male
Paul Whitington, Wonboyn - male
Paul Whitington, Wonboyn - view of fangs

Species information

  • Missulena dipsaca Scientific name
  • Mouse Spider Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
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