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Marsilea mutica

Nardoo at Candelo, NSW

Marsilea mutica at Candelo, NSW - 19 Mar 2020
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Identification history

Blechnum penna-marina subsp. alpina 4 Apr 2020 Vsery

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User's notes



   5 Apr 2020
Quite right, it is Nardoo, and a fern, but it wasn't on our list. I've added it and the other two species for which there are far south coast records in Australia's Virtual Herbarium. OK if I use your photo as the ID image for this species in the field guide on this website? Looks like it is on an isolated farm dam. I assume fragments or spores get moved around the country by ducks or other waterbirds occasionally. There are very few south coast records, many more inland.
dcnicholls wrote:
   5 Apr 2020
There's a database error somewhere. This was linked to from an email reporting a sighting for Blechnum penna-marina.
   5 Apr 2020
Yeah, the person who put it in just suggested that because Marsilea was not an option at the time. I've added 3 Marsilea species to the list now, so the problem should be sorted.
Vsery wrote:
   5 Apr 2020
I’m happy for the image to be used.

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Location information

Species information

  • Sensitive
  • Rare or uncommon Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • 19 Mar 2020 11:47 AM Recorded on
  • Vsery Recorded by
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