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Alwisia lloydiae

3 Box Cutting Rainforest Walk

Alwisia lloydiae at Box Cutting Rainforest Walk - 29 Apr 2019
Alwisia lloydiae at Box Cutting Rainforest Walk - 29 Apr 2019
Alwisia lloydiae at Box Cutting Rainforest Walk - 29 Apr 2019
Alwisia lloydiae at Box Cutting Rainforest Walk - 29 Apr 2019
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Alwisia lloydiae 3 May 2019 AussieWitch
Alwisia lloydiae 29 Apr 2019 AussieWitch

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Significant sighting

15 Sep 2023

Found annually since 2019 and confirmed by professionals

User's notes

This set of images has been taken over a three week period and shows the progression of the slime mould Alwisia lloydiae, which I believe is a first appearance in NSW. The following set of images will show the mature stage which we were finally able to capture recently. This species was first recorded in Tasmania by Sarah Lloyd in about 2010


sarahlloyd wrote:
   11 Sep 2023
sarahlloyd wrote:
   11 Sep 2023
Teresa, these observations are not all A. lloydiae.
The one that is whitish at the early stage, with (presumably) a follow up photo showing the long calyculus is A. repens.
Both species occur at my study site in Tasmania so I am familiar with all stages of development of both species.
I am aware that you found the holotype of A. repens, but you likely found the mature stage?
We (Dmytro Leontyev and I) are planning to write a short paper with further descriptions of the species, especially the peculiar pattern of dehiscence and that ‘repens’ does not describe most observations of the species (except the holotype).
Can you please provide additional information about your observation so it can be included in the paper. Many thanks, Sarah
   14 Sep 2023
This most definately is NOT A. repens!!
sarahlloyd wrote:
   14 Sep 2023
A lloydiae is not like that when it first forms. It also does not have the long calyculus seen in your photo.

Why do you think it is not A. repens?

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